Key Features and Varieties of Different Siding Materials

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Key Features and Varieties of Different Siding Materials

Siding is a modern material made from non-combustible components that meet environmental requirements and guarantee the durability and beauty of the facade of the house. It is not afraid of the wind, rain, snow. It is not only resistant to temperature extremes but, at the same time, protects the living space from heat loss. The possibilities of the use of various types of siding will be discussed below.

Key Features of Siding

For the first time, siding began to be used in North America in the middle of the nineteenth century: specially designed wooden boards, painted in different colours, were attached to the wall at a certain angle, and each subsequent layer hung over the previous one, and thus the water flowed down from top to bottom without penetrating inside. In fact, you can still find a siding Ottawa supplier near me. Gradually, this method was adopted by the inhabitants of Europe. Time has made its adjustments, and natural wooden boards have been replaced with materials that are more resistant to external influences.

Finished panels have special elements for easy pairing with each other and a protective outer coating. The main advantage of siding are the following:

  • durability,
  • excellent protective properties from external influences,
  • ease of installation and maintenance,
  • environmental safety.

Foremost, let’s consider what types of siding do exist since this allows you to make the best choice and use this simple but very practical technology.

Varieties of Siding Material

Those who decided to use siding for the facade need to familiarize themselves with the varieties of available materials:

  • Aluminum. It is characterized by a wide range of different reliefs and colours and is intended for finishing office premises or residential multistory buildings. This is because the panels weigh very little and, therefore, will not threaten the facade.
  • Wooden. It consists of wood fibres, which are pressed under high-temperature conditions with the addition of a special resin. They imitate natural wood, and such panels are flammable. The price category of such products is quite high.
  • Steel. In most cases, this option is used in industrial construction. The colour range is quite wide, the material weighs a lot, and tends to corrosion.
  • Cement. This variety is one of the newest. It has a high level of fire resistance. It is made from cement and cellulose fibres and looks like wooden planks. This option is perfect for educational institutions and kindergartens.
  • Ceramic. This is also one of the latest inventions that originates from Japan. The price category of the material is low. The siding contains clay and some other natural materials.
  • Vinyl. It is considered the most common and popular option because it has an affordable cost, a simple installation process, the ability to hide all defects in the facade surface, and is also resistant to moisture.

Choose the variety suitable for you and enjoy the updated design of your house!

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