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KFC Has To Escort Army Of Ronald McDonalds Out After Invasion - Yes You Just Read That

We've all heard of the often heated Fast-Food Wars between our favorite restaurants. While usually these "wars" are metaphorical, some McDonald's fans might have taken it a little too seriously.

A KFC restaurant in the UK was "invaded" when a group of 6 men dressed as Ronald McDonald entered and began chanting "You're Sh** and you know you are!"

Hampshire, where the restaurant was located, recently had many Navy ships dock for Fleet Services. Whether these Ronald McDonalds actually serve in the Navy couldn't be confirmed.

Impressively most patrons seem unfazed by the sudden arrival of such a familar face. Calmly ordering their chicken and going about their business. Someone took the time to film the encounter and you can hear her laughing throughout the demonstration.

At one point a clown loudly asks:

"What do we think of KFC?"

"Sh**!" the others reply!

They then take swigs of the alcohol they brought into the restaurant.

While not the normal kind of joke you'd expect from a clown beloved by children, these Ronald McDonalds certainly drew their fair share of laughs.