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KFC's Amazing New Creation Has Their Fans In A Frenzy

So KFC has created a new thing that looks simultaneously gross and amazing. It's one of those excessive things that you know you want to try, but know it is probably going to hurt you a bit to devour.

KFC's newest invention is called the "Chizza". It is a pizza made out of a chicken fillet. No crust, just chicken.

They announced it on their Facebook page the other day and say that it is being launched in Singapore but given the excited responses from their fans chances are it will find its way to our end of the world soon.

No news on where it will go next but after the feedback KFC was smart enough to hint that more areas will get it soon.

Would you try the KFC pizza ? Not going to lie, it looks not half bad! I may give it a go if it ever comes here. How about you?

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