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Woman Kicked Off Plane After Complaining About Her Period Pains

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Dr Sobia Mohyuddin / Public Domain Pictures

There's a lot of things people don't understand about period cramps. The first is that everyone experiences these pains differently.

One of my friends feels extremely nauseated when she gets her period, which is why doctors have prescribed her birth control pills. However, most women I know have mild to manageable pain. That means they don't have to seek immediate medical care, but are knowledgeable on how to alleviate their on-and-off stomach cramps.

People are usually kicked off planes before takeoff for a good reason, such as endangering the lives of others or being in critical condition themselves. However, there are other reasons people get the boot: Uncontrollable and noisy children, bad body odor, excessive swearing, and overly emotional people have been kicked off flights before.

The question is, how sick do you have to be to be forced to leave a flight?

A woman experiencing "mild" stomach pain on an Emirates international flight was a huge cause for concern for staff. So much so that they had to ask her to re-book her flight!

Here's the couple's story:

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