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Kid Shared What School Served For Lunch, And People Don't Know How To Feel

School lunches get a hard time. Of course there are a few schools that do a great job and include items from all the food groups, while others don't put all that much effort in at all.

The Hempfield Area High School in Pennsylvania is currently facing some criticism over their "Popcorn Chicken Po-Boy Sandwich" after a student posted a photo of it online.

People couldn't believe that this was considered a sandwich when it was obviously just chicken nuggets on a bun.

This sandwich cost $2.75 and apparently "tasted pretty good" according to his Todd Rates' friend who had bought the lunch.

People on Reddit were laughing for a variety of reasons. Some were comparing this sandwich to ones from other countries like France who take lunch VERY seriously.

While others were shocked at how much food the person actually got for their $2.75.

Some other people who are not in high school replied that while they thought it wasn't a good meal for kids, it really doesn't look all that bad.

What do you think, should schools be making a better effort to feed kids healthier options?

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