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Kim and Khloe Kardashian Have 'Vicious' Fight Over Story Details

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Often known to quarrel, Kim and Khloe Kardashian have endured another vicious fight over the details of Khloe's story.

On the Jan. 7 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the dispute began when Khloe brought up the 'craziest' video she saw of her recent girls's night out.

While Khloe alleges one of her friends were caught masturbating on camera, Kim had insisted the incident never occurred.

However, Khloe was quick to bring up the fact her sister wasn't present when the act was committed.

"Weren't you asleep that night? Because I heard you were asleep, and I saw the videos," Khloe said. "It was Kourtney, her and whoever else was taking the videos and you were not in them."

"I was asleep at that moment, but I don't believe that she would be sitting there doing that." Kim rebutted.

"Why can't you just believe my story?" Khloe argued. "You piss me off, because you never believe me."

But the real question is, who was right?

Following their heated argument, Kourtney finally spoke up, and confirmed their friend indeed pleasured herself.

"You're so easy to piss off," Kim said while exiting the room.  

Later in the episode, Khloe vented to her friends Malika and Khadijah Haqq, and admitted the two sisters have gotten into "an obscene amount of fights." The soon-to-be mother also conceded she becomes "beyond" defensive when she's accused of lying.

"Kim and I have a long history of her doubting me," Khloe said. "But I don't think I'm a liar "” I normally don't lie. I used to lie when I was 16 years old, who doesn't? I was a bad teenager, most kids are. But ever since then, I have been labeled a liar and it's just frustrating and I'm not sure why I'm being held to something I did when I was 16."

Eventually, Khloe tried to make amends with Kim during an impromptu visit to her house.

"You just like, snap for no reason," Kim said. "It's just crazy how you snap, and it's not even valid. Call me back when you feel like being a nice human being instead of being a f***ing bitch all the time."

"You called me a disloyal person," Kim continued. "I'm just like, over it, because I'm not."

"I feel super bad about it and I don't want to react that way to you," Khloe said. "I'm embarrassed, and it's disturbing how I respond to you, and I just feel like it stems from years and years of you not believing me. I get when I was 16, I used to exaggerate and tell stories, but that was like, when I was 16. I have come so far. When it comes to straight-up facts, I've been pretty loyal and honest."

Eventually, Kim conceded and said she didn't have a good reason to doubt her sister.

"You haven't given me a reason in so long to not believe you, so I don't know why that's like, my thing with you," she said.

Kim's acknowledgement struck a cord with her younger sister, who said it meant "so much" to her, and promised to work on her short temper.

"I say we both try to make a conscious effort," Khloe told Kim. "I won't go off on you like that, and you just try to give me the benefit of the doubt."

What do you think about the sisters's 'vicious' fight?

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