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People Have Been Posting Their Best Encounters With Celebrities, Proving We Can Still Love Some Of Our Heroes

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The Siskiyou / Tscelebs

The past have few weeks have left the world shaken, as many people have come forward to expose the terrible deeds of many members of the Hollywood elite. While it was a great thing for these details to come out, many people are left wondering if there are any decent celebrities left.

While the news cycle tends to focus on the negative aspects of our day-to-day lives, some people are speaking up about the positives that they have witnessed famous people doing.

Some of them are incredible, some are mundane, but they prove that there will always be some common decency in the world.

It turns out Anthony Hopkins just wants to talk about the deeper things like a regular person.

There was a lot of fighting on Married With Children, but the cast were sweethearts!

There are stars who forget basic manners when they get accustomed to a way of life, but it's nice to see they don't all fall for it.

When you spend so much time organizing benefit concerts, it must be nice to get a friendly wave and not a barrage of questions.

There was a reason it hurt so bad when we lost our Genie...

Even with busy schedules, it's good to know that some musicians take the time to make other people's days better!

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