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Kristen Bell Just Got a Hilarious Reality Check From Her Daughters

Kristen Bell's daughters clearly have a favorite Frozen princess, and they aren't shy about their feelings.

The mother-of-two shared a picture of a plastic Christmas tree ornament that was destroyed by her daughters.

"Here's what I didn't realize: Fellow moms, your kids, if they can reach the decorations, will f**k you over, because what they've done is they've taken all the reindeer and the Santa Claus, and they've taken them all off the shelves, and they've put marker all over everything," she revealed with a laugh. "They've pulled the garland down -- there's paint chipping because you've used those tabs to hang the garland up -- they've pulled on all of it, everything is everywhere, there are bulbs all over my house. I had to get rid of all the glass ornaments, it's a nightmare. So, I'm realizing all the decorations have to be at least waist-high."

Well, she clearly didn't take her own advice after her kids got close to an ornament that struck a cord with the actress.

4-year-old Lincoln and 2-year-old Delta got their hands on the ornament from the animated Disney movie, Frozen, that 38-year-old Bell stared in.

"My children keep me grounded," the Bad Moms actress wrote, poking fun at the situation.

She found the plastic ornament of the animated princesses with a head cleanly snapped off.

Bell's character, the non-magical sister Anna, had her head laying at her ice-magic wielding sister, Elsa's feet.

"This will be the cover of my autobiography," the actress wrote, "and it will be titled 'My children keep me grounded.'"

This will be the cover of my autobiography and it will be titled 'My children keep me grounded'.

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This isn't the first time that Bell's kids had showed their favoritism for the Disney  who was voiced by Broadway talent, Idina Menzel in the 2013 movie.

On Halloween, she posted a picture of herself looking dejected while wearing a blue gown and a tiara.

In the caption, she wrote "'When your daughter demands you BOTH be ELSA for Halloween...you GRIN AND FORKING BEAR IT."

When your daughter demands you BOTH be ELSA for Halloween...you GRIN AND FORKING BEAR IT. #halloween

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While her own kids may not have been impressed with her role, the movie earned a whopping $1.276 billion at the box office worldwide, and continues to generate millions of dollars in merchandise.

The animated movie has a sequel in the works that is set to be released in 2019.

Source: Daily Mail / ET