Doritos To Make "Lady-Friendly" Chips That Don't Crunch As Loudly, Because That's A Problem That Needed Solving

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Listen up ladies! The problem we have all wanted solved is finally getting a solution! No no, I'm not talking about sexual harassment in the workplace. No, it's not equal pay either.'s not maternity leave.


I'll wait until you're done silently rejoicing before continuing. Call your friends! Call your families! THIS IS THE BIG ONE!

No, it's not a joke. According to research conducted through PepsiCo, which owns Doritos, women do not like to crunch loudly or lick their fingers when they eat in front of others.

Waffles at Noon

Instead of just leaving things alone and letting people eat Doritos in peace, the company decided to introduce a new product to the market, and their reasoning honestly sounds like a joke.

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