Adam Lambert Brought Cher To Tears During His Performance Of "Believe"


Adam Lambert finished second-place in the eighth season of American Idol. For some, that's a notable achievement, but it says a lot that it's one of the least memorable things about Lambert's career.

Lambert followed up his "first-place loser" finish with the hugely successful album "For Your Entertainment" which featured the hit single Whataya Want From Me which earned him a Grammy nomination.

He made regular appearances on critic lists and Top Ten charts, but it was his next job that cemented his reputation as a truly talented performer.

In 2011, Lambert Joined the surviving band members of Queen for a six concert tour. Almost universally people favorably compared him to the iconic Freddie Mercury. It was so successful that they decided to continue the tour, and remain performing together to this day.

Brian May, Queen's original guitarist and a close friend of Mercury, has praised Lambert for years.

""It's a voice in a billion, nobody has that range, nobody that I've ever worked with, not just the range but the quality throughout the range. I've seen Adam develop just like I watched Freddie develop," he told Yahoo News.

May went on to say that he wouldn't still be performing if anyone but Lambert had taken on the role.

Following up Mercury's role as Queen frontman was an unthinkable challenge, but Lambert hasn't stopped there. On Dec 2, he was part of a ceremony honoring Cher's contribution to the entertainment world. It was here that he added another accomplishment.


The internet is already praising his work, but it was Cher's wordless response to his rendition of Believe that was perhaps the greatest.

She dabbed tears away from her eyes as he hit his notes and changed the Cher classic.

It seems that whether he's performing his own work, or someone else's, Lambert gives it his all.

What do you think of his performance?

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