Late Temptations Star Dennis Edwards Was Abused By Family Member Before He Died

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Late Temptations Star Dennis Edwards Was Abused By Family Member Before He Died


The world was already mourning the loss of the Temptations star after he passed away, days before he would have turned 75.

The singer rose to stardom when he joined the soulful vocal group in 1968, lending his voice to their incredible sound for nearly ten years.

However, fans were stunned to hear of the new investigation that has arisen since news broke of Edwards's death.

The 74-year-old was pronounced dead in Chicago February 1st, with his cause of death listed as complications due to meningitis.

Edwards was diagnosed in May of 2017, and has been in and out of hospital since, but eventually succumbed to the disease.

A prolonged illness of any kind will of course put immense strain on family members, and while there is sometimes temptation to end the suffering of a loved one, there is no excuse to go against their wishes to keep fighting.

Now, Chicago PD have opened up an investigation against the wife of the late singer for just that.

In life, Dennis and Brenda were married for over 18 years, living together in Illinois right up until the tragic death of the singer.

They moved to Chicago in order to have better access to medical aid as his condition deteriorated.

Now, court documents show that a protection order request was filed on behalf of the signer only weeks ago after abusive behavior from his wife was reported.

An investigator announced that Brenda had attempted to suffocate Dennis in his bed by holding him face down, and even took the hearing aids away from her "bed bound and immobile" husband.

A hearing was scheduled but Dennis died in hospital the night before the meeting could take place.

Brenda has definitively rejected these allegations against her saying, "I would have never done anything to harm him. These allegations are false and defamatory and will be proven as such."

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