Lori Laughlin And Felicity Huffman Sued For $500 Billion

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Lori Laughlin And Felicity Huffman Sued For $500 Billion

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Just when you thought things couldn't get worse for Lori Laughlin and Felicity Huffman, the pair is now being sued for $500 billion dollars by a mom who believes her son missed out on a chance at university because of the celebrities who bought their kids' education.

Jennifer Kay Toy, a teacher who previously taught in the Oakland Unified School District, filed a lawsuit against all the people involved in the college admission scam, claiming that her son, Joshua, wasn't admitted to university because of their criminal activity.

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l raised my son Joshua by myself since he was two and half years old and I always taught 8 him the same things I taught my students. I made sacrafices [sic] to help Joshua get into a good college  just as many parents do. Because of Joshua's hard work and study he graduated with a 4.2 grade point average, I couldn't be more proud.

Joshua applied to some of the colleges where the chearing [sic] took place and did not get in. Joshua and I beleived [sic] that he'd had a fair chance just like all other applicants but did not make the cut for some undisclosed reason. I'm now aware of the massive cheating scandal wherein wealthy people conspired with people in positions of power and authority at colleges in order to allow their chjldren [sic] to gain access to the very colleges [sic] that Joshua was rejected from.

I'm not a wealthy person, but even if l were wealthy l would not have engaged in the heainous [sic] and dispicable [sic] actions of defendants. I'm outraged and hurt because I feel that my son, my only child, was denied access to a college not because he failed to work and study hard enough but because wealthy individuals felt it was ok to lie, cheat, steal and bribe their children's way into a good college.

Instagram - Olivia Jade

In the lawsuit documents, Toy says "Due to the length and breadth of the cheating scam it is estimated that more than 1,000,000 people have been affected."

Loughlin and her husband J. Mossimo Giannulli, along with Felicity Huffman and many others, were arrested for their involvement in the admission scam, which saw Loughlin fork over more than $500,000 to help get her daughters into UCLA.

In a 204-page affidavit from law enforcement, Loughlin was in Cahoots with Rick Singer, the mastermind of all this, and even sent an emoji after finding out her youngest daughter had been accepted.

"On or about November 16, 2017, [Singer] sent the Giannullis an e-mail bearing the subject line, "˜CONGRATULATIONS!!!' with their younger daughter's conditional acceptance letter attached," the affidavit reads. "Loughlin responded, "˜This is wonderful news! [High-Five Emoji].'

"[Singer] replied: "˜Please continue to keep hush hush till March,'" the affidavit alleges. "Loughlin responded: "˜Yes, of course.'"

No one from the college admissions scam has spoken out about this, but Loughlin has been dropped from Hallmark, while both her daughters have since left university, claiming the bullying would be too much for them to deal with.

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