Lay's Announces New "Taste of America" Flavors And They'll Make Your Mouth Water


Lay's Announces New "Taste of America" Flavors And They'll Make Your Mouth Water

As a way to improve our snacking experience, Frito-Lay is always on the lookout for new flavors because, honestly, plain chips can get boring after a while.

Every year, they ask customers to suggest new flavors and the entire process gets turned into a competition that awards the winner with $1 million.

Exactly one year ago, on July 19, the potato chips experts announced the finalists for its 2017 "Do Us A Flavor" contest, and three original flavors made their debut.

Lay's unveiled Crispy Taco, Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese and Fried Green Tomato as their mystery potato chip flavor finalists.


Real Simple got a chance to try the chips and they voted Fried Green Tomato as the best. Although the seasoning is very different from chips flavors we're accustomed to, it was delicious and apparently "tasted just like the real thing."

Crispy Taco didn't seem to go over too well as it tasted "just like a meaty hard shell taco." Everything Bagel was satisfactory, but could use more "everything" spice.


This year, instead of hosting a contest, Lay's found inspiration in the distinctive tastes of American regional cuisine and created eight new  flavors based on them.

Let's find out which "Taste of America" chips flavor hails from your part of the country:

Northeast: New England Lobster Roll


"Inspired by lobster shacks of the Northeast, here's a taste of fresh lobster served on a buttery grilled roll."

Pacific Northwest: Thai Sweet Chili


"Inspired by the food truck scene of the Pacific Northwest, get a taste of Thai sweet chili sauce with a hint of heat."

Gulf Coast: Cajun Spice

"Inspired by the flavors of the Gulf Coast, here's a taste of garlic, paprika, onion and oregano."

Southeast: Pimento Cheese


"Inspired by Sunday socials and Southern charm, here's a taste of creamy sharp cheddar with a hint of cayenne pepper."

Southwest: Chile Con Queso


"Inspired by legendary Tex-Mex of the Southwest, here's a taste of velvety cheddar queso with a dash of spice."

Midwest: Fried Pickles with Ranch


"Inspired by a deep-fried favorite at Midwest state fairs, get a taste of fried pickles with ranch."

Heartland: Deep Dish Pizza


"Inspired by the Giordano's pizza recipe made famous in the Midwest, here's a taste of their iconic stuffed deep-dish pizza."

Mid-Atlantic: Chesapeake Bay Crab Spice


"Inspired by crab shacks along the Atlantic, here's a taste of the Bay with custom-blended spices ready to savor."

If you're curious to sample these cool flavors, Lay's says they're now available to preorder online, but they won't start shipping them until July 30.

Individual 7.75-ounce bags will set you back $3.49. While Lay's will also offer a variety pack option, the price has yet to be revealed.


If you're a fan of the previous winning flavors, like Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Pepper, you're in luck because the company will also be re-releasing some of their past regional offerings for a limited time. Wavy West Coast Truffle Fries in the West, Ketchup in the Northeast, and Wavy Fried Green Tomato in the Southeast.

Just keep in mind that these four flavors will only be available in stores.

Which new flavor are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments!

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