Learn How to Navigate the World of Online Casinos

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Learn How to Navigate the World of Online Casinos

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While gambling is prohibited by law, online casino in Canada enjoy a wide berth of freedom. Canadian residents are not restricted from playing online games at casinos, provided the establishments have proper certification from viable licensing organizations. For new gamblers looking to explore the world of the Canada online casino, Casino Zeus is here to serve as your guide!

Based on the principles and knowledge of Olexiy Ivanov, a famed Ukrainian gambling expert, the site https://casinozeus.net/ offers the following:

  1. Reviews of the top Canadian online casino sites;
  2. Ratings of various casinos and their features;
  3. A how-to guide for beginners;
  4. Information regarding regulatory bodies.

Read on, and you’ll get a taste of the kind of information that the site has to offer!

A Shortlist of Three Top Casinos

While finding the best online casino in Canada can prove to be difficult, here are three that you can check out:

Regulatory Features of Canadian Casinos

The federal Criminal Code of Canada prohibits gambling in its entirety. However, provincial governments are exempt from this rule under Section 207 of the Criminal Code, which allows them to oversee gaming operations. The provinces can essentially do whatever they want, with a few exceptions (such as horse racing and betting on horse racing, which are dealt with separately in the Code and off-limits to the provinces).

Canadian residents are allowed to gamble freely at Canadian casinos owned and operated by foreigners as long as they are properly licenced.

Most provinces set up independent government agencies (usually called Lottery Corporations) whose only responsibility is to oversee gaming operations after being awarded the licence to do so. Some of them are:

  1. Ontario: Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG);
  2. British Columbia: British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC);
  3. Quebec: Loto-Quebec;

As a Canadian citizen, however, you cannot own or operate a casino online in Canada. You can apply for a social gambling licence which lets you host games without risking anyone’s money.

Safe Play Tips from the Experts

You need to protect yourself from problematic gambling habits. These are easy to develop because gambling induces an adrenaline rush that keeps people coming back. It’s a slippery slope, so keep these tips in mind if you want to avoid becoming a victim:

  • Taking a break can help you keep your gambling under control. Getting up from your gaming session to stretch your legs or grab a bite to eat can give your mind a much-needed rest. There are resources available to help you if you think you could benefit from taking a break from gambling for a while.
  • You should always consider the odds before making a wager, and you should never risk more money than you can afford to lose. If you know and accept the chances, you can keep your gambling experience fun and entertaining.

Casino Zeus Selection Criteria for Casinos

To build a list of Canada’s best online casinos, our experts researched all the most crucial gaming platform features. Learn how we work and why each component of an online casino is important.  

  • Experts look at the variety of games available, their software providers, and the website creators. These indicate the quality of games you can enjoy, the safety of your data and money, and the overall experience you can expect at the casino.
  • Bonuses vary from casino to casino; however, the fine print regarding the rewards may be tricky and missed by most customers. Our experts put in the time to read everything and let you know which ones to claim and which ones to avoid.
  • Mobile gaming is another option that the experts like to look for. Desktop gaming was last century; mobile gaming options are a must for 21st-century gamers on the go.
  • Multiple payment methods are another criteria that make a casino desirable.
  • Finally, customer service. Our experts don’t want customers going through anxiety regarding their money or having their queries unanswered.

With these criteria combined, Canadian players can enjoy reliable and secure casinos in Canada for real money.

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