Let Wikibuy Do The Searching And Apply Savings To Purchases Before You Make Them

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Let Wikibuy Do The Searching And Apply Savings To Purchases Before You Make Them


If you have been finding it difficult to get good deals lately, you are not alone. I'm all about online shopping as of late and it seemed to me that I was not able to get as many deals as I was used to.

That's where Wikibuy came in. I was able to use this extension to simply and easily start saving money while shopping online. Say goodbye to trying to find coupon codes that are always expired and say hello to more money in my pocket. The best part is that Wikibuy is free. This browser add-on instantly drops crowd-sourced promo codes into your cart across thousands of sites, automatically. Just so you know, Wikibuy compensates us when you get the Wikibuy extension using the links we provided. However, I wouldn't recommend a product to you that I didn't use myself.

How does Wikibuy work?

It works easily, I don't even notice it's there, the lightweight extension can be added to your browser, where it works seamlessly without any help. Wikibuy found customers more than $70 million in savings in the last year, and I am happy to take my piece of that pie. Here are just a few of the things you can expect:

  • Wikibuy will automatically enter coupon codes across tens of thousands of retailer sites for you. On a participating site’s cart or checkout page, Wikibuy will test coupon codes and automatically apply the best code available.
  • Wikibuy will offer loyalty credits at big-name stores, and their list includes thousands of retailers, these can be redeemed for gift cards. I've been saving mine for the holidays.
  • Wikibuy will notify you with a friendly, little pop-up if an item is available cheaper elsewhere before you checkout.

I had no idea that what I was buying, thinking I was getting a good price, was actually cheaper elsewhere. Now I find myself looking for that helpful popup before I check out my cart.

What’s the catch?

Good news: There’s no catch. Wikibuy is completely free to use, and will never show ads or slow down shopping experience. Just add Wikibuy and let the savings begin!

One of my favorite features on Wikibuy is its Universal Search. Got something, in particular, you are looking for? Like that new iPad, type it in the search and Wikibuy will show you a list of the current deals. Not in a rush to get that iPad? Perfect, set a Price Drop Alert, and let Wikibuy tell you when it goes on sale.

Wikibuy is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari, so no matter which browser you are using, you will have an easy time getting it. There is an app is available for iOS and  Android, but the extension cannot be installed on a mobile device.

Millions of people are already using Wikibuy and reaping the rewards. If you haven't tried it yet, what are you waiting for? I was pleasantly surprised by how well it scours the internet for me, finding me better deals that I didn't even know were out there.

Start letting Wikibuy automatically apply savings on things you were planning to purchase, today. Wikibuy is 100% free to sign up for and use. There are no monthly fees or additional charges.

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