Mom's "Embarrassing" Lip-Syncing Gets A Thumbs Up From Kelly Clarkson


Mom Embarrasses Her Son During A Game And The World Can't Get Enough

Maryland Basketball - Twitter

Parents have so many responsibilities, from daily tasks like feeding and sheltering their kids to making sure they feel loved and accepted.

But one of the most overlooked jobs of any parent is to embarrass the ever-loving heck out of your kids any time you get the chance.

It builds character, after all.

This week, one mother from Maryland didn't pass up a great chance to make her son cringe, and after the "embarrassing" video went viral, even Kelly Clarkson weighed in on it.

Lip Sync Mom
Mandy Remmell didn't hold back while singing along to "Since You've Been Gone."Maryland Basketball - Twitter

The woman in the video, Mandy Remmell, was spotted by the Fan Cam at a recent University of Maryland basketball game, as Clarkson's hit song "Since You've Been Gone" began to play at halftime.

Mandy sang along for the fans, lip-syncing the song with her phone as the microphone, and her performance only got more and more involved as her 10-year-old son, Blake, cowered under his hoodie.

In an interview with Access, Mandy shared what it was like to become an overnight sensation when the university's basketball team tweeted a video of her performance.

"It was our first [Maryland Terrapins] game, and for this moment to be captured with him and I, it was wonderful," she said.

Well, wonderful for Mandy, but not so much for Blake.

"He was mortified," she revealed.

"That's my personality, it's always outgoing and it's fun. But he could not believe that I was doing it at the game and that it was being blasted on the jumbotron."

The proud mom also joked that it took "about 20 minutes" to leave the venue, because so many fans wanted to meet and congratulate her.

And while Blake might have been embarrassed at the time, Mandy says he's been warming up to her performance since it made them both viral sensations, and even caught Kelly Clarkson's eye.

"This is my kind of mama," the singer tweeted, adding in her hashtag, "That kid is not havin' it."

Mandy, who says she loves Clarkson's music, appreciated the shout out. But teasing Blake in front of the entire world was its own reward.

After having a good laugh at her son's expense, we couldn't help but remember another parent whose enthusiastic performance shamed her son.

A teenage boy at a San Diego Padres baseball game was mortified by his dancing mom, who shimmied to Flo Rida's "Low" while he hid behind his shirt.

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Have you ever embarrassed your children in public like this?

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