5 Warning Signs Your Ears Are Signalling

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5 Warning Signs Your Ears Are Signalling

Many of us have experienced ringing in the ears, some itchiness in the ear canal, or maybe have noticed some extra wax build-up. While these are typically minor issues that disappear over time, sometimes they can actually be something more serious that you will want to consult your doctor or Ascend Hearing the hearing aid specialists, for.

Don't underestimate these common ear symptoms

Ringing in the ears

Many ear-related problems become more pronounced with age, and that includes ringing in the ears. This is otherwise known as tinnitus. This is usually brought on by a wax buildup or exposure to loud noises.

As we age, these symptoms are exacerbated, which relates to hearing loss in our golden years.

Prescription medications can also cause temporary or permanent tinnitus.

Tinninus, however, could be related to a more serious issue, such as problems in the joints where the jawbone meets the skull. It could indicate an injury in your neck or head among other things.

If you are hearing a ringing, buzzing, roaring, clicking or hissing sounds, you should consider consulting with a doctor to make sure it's not more serious.

Earwax Blockages

While it may be normal for earwax buildup to increase with age, blockages only affect five percent of healthy adults. 57 percent of nursing home residents suffer from the condition, however.

As we get older, changes to our glands inside our ears cause earwax to become drier and hard for our ears to naturally clean themselves.

This can cause a buildup, which can lead to blockages. The result could be pain, itching, discharge and potential hearing loss.

Those with physical barriers such as hearing aids and ear plugs have an increased risk of this issue.

Experts advise people not to use cotton swabwas or other tools to remove the blockage, but instead schedule a visit with your doctor to take care of it properly.


While you have may experienced an earache at many points in your life, it could be something more serious than you originally imagined.

Earaches can be caused by a building of wax, fluid and could be a sign of infection or tooth issue.

If you have symptoms that last longer than a day or you have other symptoms including fever, vomiting, throat pain or swelling, it's time to see your doctor.

Red Ears

Our ears can be a clear sign of our emotional reactions, and can heat up at a moment's notice, turning scorching red. However, red, flushed ears unrelated to bad tempers could indicate something more.

The adrenal glands, which sit on top of your kidneys are responsible, for secreting adrenaline. An adrenal insufficiency could result in extremely low blood pressure, weight loss, kidney failure and red ears.

Earlobe Crease

I can bet you have never looked for this before.

A diagonal crease known as Frank's sign was found to have a relationship to stroke risk.

Researchers found that 79 percent of 241 patients who were hospitalized with a stroke had Frank's sign.

Itchy Ears / Psoriasis

There could be a lot of causes for itchy ears. Some times it's a fungal infection, while another cause is psoriasis. Psoriasis is when your immune system attacks your skin by mistake. This can be very painful if you have it where the skin is thin on your ears.

Older people who have psoriasis are more likely to develop sudden deafness. Hearing is often restored in 50 perfect of people who experienced sudden deafness within two to three weeks.

Have you experienced any of these symptoms?

Source: AARP / Medical Daily