Little Boy Is Lucky To Survive This Vicious Llama "Attack"


Little Boy Is Lucky To Survive This Vicious Llama "Attack"

When we look back on our childhoods everything seems so nice, but that's just because we blocked out all the really scary parts.

We forget the really traumatizing things about being a kid, like striking out in front of your little league team or getting gum stuck in your hair. Luckily, these days everything gets captured on camera, so the memories will last forever.

But Trey, a young boy who had a scary run-in with a llama at the Tennessee Safari Park, probably just wants to forget this embarrassing moment.

Now llamas aren't known for being very intimidating, and we don't think they eat small children, but you can't blame Trey for his reaction.

Honestly, if a big, woolly monster reached its head inside our cars we'd react the same way!

To prove that Trey wasn't shaken up too badly, his parents released this video of him reflecting on his newfound fame.

One thing is for sure: this family probably won't be coming back to the safari park next year.

At least we know Trey's okay. Hopefully the llama wasn't too shaken up by his screaming either!

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