Little Debbie May Be Getting Rid Of One Of These Classic Snack Cakes, And We're Freaking Out


Little Debbie May Be Getting Rid Of One Of These Classic Snack Cakes, And We're Freaking Out

What's your favorite little Debbie snack cake? From Swiss Rolls to Chocolate Cupcakes, Honey Buns and Zebra Cakes, I think we can all say we enjoy one of these delicious treats from time to time.

Christmas Tree Cakes may have just been released for the holiday season, but that is not what has fans of Little Debbie buzzing.

"First Christmas Tree Cake of the season! @LittleDebbie," one Twitter user wrote.

"Big lots you came through for me this year...first round of ! @LittleDebbie," another tweeted.

Little Debbie tweeted a photo of four of their classic treats, including Christmas Tree Cakes, Nutty Buddy, Oatmeal Creme Pies and Honey Buns saying that "One Gotta Go Forever..." asking it's fans to choose one for the chopping block.

So which one did everyone choose?

And you can imagine people felt strongly about the question:

"Take the honey buns. Leave my Christmas trees alone," one user wrote.

Some had some fun with it. "Honey Buns, you are the weakest link. Goodbye," another Twitter user wrote.

Other's felt that Oatmeal Cakes need to go.

One user tweeted, "Noooooooo. Ditch those oatmeal cakes. BLECK"

Even celebrities had something to say.

R.L. Stine tweeted, "Save the oatmeal cream pies. I need them!"

William Shatner tweeted, "Sniff!  How about None of the Above?"

People went so far as to rank their favorites.

"Best snacks up there in this order, going for best to worst:

1. Tree Cakes

2. Oatmeal Pies

3. Honey Buns

4. Nutty Buddy

Therefore, Nutty Buddy's gotta go," one person tweeted.

Not everyone agreed though.

"Wrong. Best to worst:

1) Nutty Buddy

2) Oatmeal Cream Pie

3) Honey Bun

4) Christmas Tree Cakes

As long as we have Zebra Cakes,  the Christmas Tree Cakes are expendable," another tweeted.

Before you completely freak out, it's very possible that Little Debbie isn't discontinuing one of their four fan favorites, but instead just playing a joke on us.

The photo was posted using the hashtag #OneGottaGo, which is a trend currently happening on Facebook and Twitter. The trend has users grab four people, places or things and ask their followers which one they would be comfortable never seeing or experiencing again.

Whatever the case, we are all concerned we could see one of our favorites go!

What do you think? Which one could you do without?

Source: Delish