Live surebets as a key to success in sports betting

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Live surebets as a key to success in sports betting

There are quite a lot of sports betting systems at the moment, but most of them are unlikely to give you the opportunity to make a stable profit.

One of the few ways to make money on sports betting is surebets, and we’ll tell you more about this strategy in our today’s article.

How does the strategy work?

An arb (surebet) is a situation which gives you an opportunity to bet on opposite results of an event in different bookies and win no matter the final outcome of this sport event.

How is this possible? - you may ask. It’s very simple! Let's take a look on a good example of operation with surebets. Let’s consider an ice hockey match between Canada and the Czech Republic: one bookmaker sets 2.0 odds for T U 4.5 (total under) of abandoned pucks, and the second - 3.5 odds for T O 4.5 (total over) of pucks.

Now let's imagine that you have $400: 250 of them are bet on T U 4.5 and 150 on T O 4.5. Now we proceed to simple calculations:

T U (4.5) - $250 * 2 = $500 = $100 in net income.

T O (4.5) - $150 * 3.5 = $525 = $125 in net income.

According to our calculations, we will get a guaranteed profit of 100 or 125 dollars no matter the outcome of event.

Types of arbitrage situations (surebets)

As of today, all surebets are of two types – live surebets and prematch surebets.

  • Live surebets occur due to the difference in bookmaker quotes for events that are currently taking place (online).
  • Pre-match (pre-match) surebets occur in events that start in some time, later.

As for prematch surebets, they are more unpretentious in operation, but at the same, time they bring less tangible income. That’s why (and not only that), more and more punters are making their choice to operate with live surebets.

Live surebets features

1. Tangible income. As we have already said, arbitrage situations in Live mode have higher profitability. So, a player can easily get 20% of the bankroll every month (in case he correctly set the strategy).

2. More available surebets to bet. During matches, surebets occur more often than before the match start. This fact also attracts many professional players to this strategy type.

3. Fast funds turnover. While working with arbitrage situations in live mode, the bettor doesn’t need to wait hours for the events to start, because all actions take place during the game. And this means that he can bet on significantly more surebets per day and get more tangible income than from prematch arbs.

As for the disadvantages, probably the main of them in live surebetting is the relative hard of operating with, which is associated with a quick odds change for the outcomes.

Mostly because of this, many arbers prefer to work with live surebets through surebet scanners, which allow you to find arbitrage situations in live mode and make all calculations in a matter of seconds.

Surebet scanners and their advantages

BetWasp is considered to be the best surebet and value bet scanner in the US. This service scans 40 popular bookmakers at once across 42 sports and 200 betting markets, and then provides its customers with a list of surebets.

As we said before, the Betwasp scanner also provides data on value bets. What is value betting? It’s also a pretty popular betting system which essence is in betting on odds that are higher than the real probability of the event (overestimated odds).

When you buy a single united subscription to Betwasp, you get both products at once (surebets and valuebets), which greatly expands your options to earn on sports betting. You can try both strategies and define which one is more effective for you.

Among other advantages of the service, its customers mention the fast speed of scanning and wide additional functionality. Multifilter with great variety of parameters for setting up the list of surebet results, convenient surebet and value bet calculator, one-click odds comparison tool, and many other tools you will definitely like.


Surebets, like another conventional value betting strategy, are effective betting methods and are actively used by thousands of professional players from all over the world.

However, it is necessary to study as much information as possible before starting to operate this strategy, and pay attention to surebet scanners that can help you in your work.

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