Lobster Found With Pepsi Logo "Tattoo" On Its Claw Has People Baffled

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Lobster Found With Pepsi Logo "Tattoo" On Its Claw Has People Baffled

We're all already aware that the deep sea is full of interesting creatures, but we're still surprised by some of the discoveries fisherman make.

It was a usual work day for fisherman Karissa Lindstrand, until she came across a special lobster off the coast of Grand Manan in the Canadian province of New Brunswick. The crustacean had an unsual marking on one of its claws, and upon closer inspection, Lindstrand realized it was an image of a Pepsi can.

"It looked like the image was tattooed on the lobster claw," Lindstrand told Global News.

Lindstrand explained that she has seen her fair share of odd looking lobsters with "deformed claws" over the last four years, but this is the first time that she's seen one like the one caught on November 21.

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"It looked just like a regular lobster. Once I check it over and make sure it is legal, I pay more attention to the claws and getting a band put on it. I just happened to notice a blue picture, and got looking at it closer and it was a Pepsi can," she explained.

Lindstrand told the media that the pixelated design wasn't made of paper, but it could be scrapped off. She put the lobster in a crate so it could be shipped to a buyer possibly located in the U.S.

"I took a picture of it with my phone and stuck it on my Facebook page to show my friends and it kind of went viral," she said. Now, she wishes she had kept the lobster.

So how did the lobster get the Pepsi can image on its claw? Matthew Abbott, Fundy Baykeeper and marine program coordinator with the Conservation Council of New Brunswick, may have an answer.

While Lindstrand can't seem to explain how the lobster got its marking, Abbott thinks it has a lot to do with debris in the coastal waters.

"What it really tells us is the prevalence of marine debris in our coastal waters," Abbott explained. "This is a case where the lobster not necessarily has been hurt by it, but it shows that even in the relatively deep waters off Grand Manan there's garbage down there."

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The marine expert said that there are ongoing efforts to rid the waters of garbage, but it's still a huge challenge.

"A lot of the plastics we worry about float, but if they're filled with water or other materials they'll sink," he added.

The viral photo is a reminder to people that sea life is suffering because of the amount of pollutants in the world's oceans. About 8 million of the 300 million tons of plastic produced annually gets dumped into the oceans, according to Plastic Oceans.

Abbott also admitted that ropes and debris are a common sight for those who work in the fishing industry, however a lobster with a Pepsi can image is "truly unique."

How do you think the lobster got the marking on its claw? Let us know!

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