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Internet Star Facing Extreme Backlash After Posing With Dead Body

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As smartphones become glued to everyone's hands, there are people who actually make a living through social media sites like YouTube. With millions of followers, these "celebrities" film their everyday lives and profit off them.

Twenty-two-year-old Logan Paul is one of those YouTube celebrities, who currently has a net worth of over $14 million. In 2016, the young adult made $12.5 million and bought a house worth $6.6 million. Making his money mainly off of advertisers, Paul also has his own digital TV series, merchandise line, and is directing an upcoming movie called Airplane Mode.

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"To be honest, I’m worth three times the amount I’m getting paid,” Paul said in 2016. “I think anyone on the Internet with eyeballs at this time and place is a bargain because it’s so new — no one really knows what they’re worth.”

But now, thanks to his own video, Paul is losing advertisers and sponsors quicker than he can keep up. After a trip to Japan, Paul and his team released a video which quickly caused controversy.

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