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Look Closer: Each Of These Paintings Is Made From Trash (Photos)

You know what they say about one man's trash, but French artist Bernard Pras takes that expression to another level by turning trash into one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

Michael Jackson Bernard Pras

Some of his pieces are celebrity portraits, while others recreate classic paintings. They're all filled with incredible small details that will make you stop and look at every little piece of garbage to figure out just how he made these.

Jack Nicholson (from "The Shining")Bernard Pras
Marilyn MonroeBernard Pras
King Louis XIV of France
Uncle Sam Bernard Pras
Rosie the RiveterBernard Pras
Bruce LeeBernard Pras
Bob MarleyBernard Pras
Barack ObamaBernard Pras
Clint EastwoodBernard Pras
Wonder WomanBernard Pras

See even more of his creations and a mind-bending 3D sculpture on the next page!

Sean ConneryBernard Pras
NapoleonBernard Pras
The Statue of LibertyBernard Pras
"Girl With a Pearl Earring"Bernard Pras
Snow WhiteBernard Pras
Starry NightBernard Pras
Vincent Van GoghBernard Pras
"The Great Wave off Kanagawa"Bernard Pras
David BowieBernard Pras
Albert EinsteinBernard Pras
The ScreamBernard Pras

Some of Pras's works are flat, like paintings, but others actually use the pieces of junk he collects to make amazing 3D pictures that only come together at a certain angle. Like this one, of artist Salvador Dali:

It actually looks like this:

And check out this video of another mind-bending creation:

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