Look Closer, She Had No Safety Harnesses For This Photo

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Look Closer, She Had No Safety Harnesses For This Photo

How do you feel about heights? How far are you willing to go for the perfect picture? 1,004 feet in the air? Probably not that far!  

Instagram model Viki Odintcova has recently gotten into some trouble after doing something incredibly dangerous all for a picture. Viki went to Dubai with photographers and they made their way to the top of the Cayan Tower (which is 73-story building) and then headed to the roof to take photos.  


The Dubai police were not thrilled when the videos of their photoshoot were made public. She is seen hanging off the ledge with her only security in the hands of another unsecured man.

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This isn't photoshopped, there just is no harnesses or safety measures to ensure that woman doesn't fall over a thousand feet.

The Dubai police brought her into custody and had her sign a statement that said she would never repeat this dangerous act because it put her life at risk.

It was reported that the model claimed that police should be thanking her for highlighting the safety issues at the Cayan Tower

Check out the video here if your heart can handle it.

Would you ever do something like that just for a picture?