Lottery Winner With "Desperate" Love Life Is Offering Men A Small Fortune To Date Her


Lottery Winner With "Desperate" Love Life Is Offering Men A Small Fortune To Date Her

Jane Park - Instagram / Hermann - Pixabay

Here in America, Jane Park is just another 23-year-old.

But throughout Europe, the Scottish woman is famous as the youngest ever EuroMillions lottery winner.

The $1.2 million prize - which Park won in her first time playing the lottery - transformed her life overnight at 17.

But last year, she admitted to This Morning that her life had become "lonely" and "empty" since becoming wealthy.

"I wish I had no money most days," she said. "I say to myself, 'My life would be so much easier if I hadn't won."

Park even argued that people under 18 should not be allowed to win the lottery, because of how drastically it could change their lives.

"I thought it would make it 10 times better but it's made it 10 times worse," she said.

And Park's love life has also suffered because of her newfound wealth, which is why she's back in the news this week.

The socialite is offering $77,000 to the lucky man willing to date her for a year.

Jane Park lottery
Park wants to dole out cash to a lucky guy, who will spend it all on her.Jane Park - Instagram

The chance comes after Park was caught in a pair of very messy public breakups, including with a British talent show contestant and a reality star.

Park revealed this week she would be launching an online contest to find Mr. Right, with a hefty cash prize on offer as an "allowance" for the winner.

The idea is, once Park finds the man of her dreams, he'll earn an allowance from her, which is meant to be spent on fancy dinners and expensive gifts for her.

Any man interested in becoming Park's new paramour will also need to complete an interview process, which will be taped for a TV documentary set to air next year.

And competition will be steep, because Park has already been flooded with offers from men around the world hoping to win her heart.

But the contest only raises that age old question: can money buy love?

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Is this contest a good idea? Or is Park only setting herself up for disappointment?

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