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Luke Bryan Pulls Little Girl On Stage For Duet That Will Melt Your Heart

We all know Luke Bryan, right? He's the butt-shaking, fun-loving, soon-to-be American Idol judge we all love.

The singer's signature is "shaking it" on stage, which was so popular he even had to implement a "no touching" rule during his meet and greets.

“It’s funny ’cause you see, like early on in your career you don’t want to tell your fans that they can’t interact with you so you let them get away with kisses on the cheek and all that,” says Bryan. “Someone will go, ‘Can I grab your butt?’ … and back then if it was a polite ask, we would oblige them. But then you got 90 others…”

The only time it was ever broken was for an 88-year-old terminally ill fan, and that was fine with Bryan.

But there's something else Luke Bryan is known for: his love of kids. He's got two kids of his own, Thomas and Tatum, and he also has custody of his nieces and nephews, Til, Kris, and Jordan. In 2014, Bryan's brother-in-law passed away suddenly, leaving behind his three kids. Bryan's sister (their mother) had also passed away in 2007, leaving the kids with no place to go.

“You don’t want to sound like you love having them so much that you’re glad it’s the situation, but we’re honored to be doing what we feel was the right thing,” Bryan says.

(Clockwise from top left) Kris, Til, Jordan, Tate and BoPeople

But now, his love for kids is spilling over onto the stage!

At one of his concerts in New Jersey, Bryan spotted a fan dressed to the nines in her country garb! Little Kaylee was in her boots and cowboy hat when Luke Bryan invited her up onto the stage with him.

Kaylee's mom says she's a huge country music fan, and sings it whenever she can.

Bryan pulls Kaylee on stage, thinking she might sing a line or two of his hit sing "Someone Else Calling You Baby" but she takes the crowd by storm with her dancing and singing! You have to watch this adorable duet...if you didn't love Luke Bryan before, you'll love him now!

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