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They Both Lost Legs, But Together They Found Something Even More Special

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Lydia was born with a vascular disease called FAVA which caused her terrible pain and limited her movement. When she was just 8-years-old she made the decision to have her lower left leg amputated to improve her quality of life.

The young girl then faced the challenge of adjusting to a prosthesis. Her determination helped her push through every obstacle she faced along the way.

She ran into an issue a year after her surgery where an inflamed nerve prevented her from being able to wear the prosthesis.

This caused her to struggle emotionally in all aspects of her daily life, including at school.

That's when her parents decided to give her some inspiration for her journey.

Lydia's mom started to call different shelters in Utah, looking for a dog that could help her daughter through this tough time. After months of searching, she found the perfect dog to motivate her daughter.

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