Lysol Life Hacks: While You Have It And When It's Gone

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Lysol Life Hacks: While You Have It And When It's Gone


We all know how much of a life saver Lysol is, especially the wipes. But what most of us don't know is all the uses for the container after the wipes are gone. Here's a list of awesome Lysol uses we didn't know you could do, and uses for what to do with the container afterwards, that will literally change your life.

Different uses for Lysol

1. Shoes

We all have a pair of white sneakers that we haven't worn in forever due to scuffs and dirt we can't get off. Luckily Lysol wipes can remove scuffs and dirt easily. This works best on the rubber part of the shoes. If your shoes are giving off a funky smell, try spraying Lysol in, and on them to kill the smell.

2. Furniture

You can actually use Lysol spray on furniture, clothing and bedding. Doing this is super easy if you want to freshen things up while also killing germs. To do this spray a light even coating on fabric until wet. Make sure it is damp, not soaking wet, then let it air dry. For bad odors or heavy fabrics, repeat the process until gone. The only things you shouldn't be using it on is leather, silk, rayon acetate or satin fabrics.

3. To go

You can buy Lysol wipes in a smaller "to-go" package. But you can also make your own. Just take a few Lysol wipes and put them in a sealed plastic bag to keep in your purse. These work perfectly for wiping down grocery carts or gas pumps.

Here's how to reuse the Lysol wipe container:

Don't throw the container out

4. Plastic bags

This is the perfect solution to the mountains of plastic bags we all have under our kitchen sink.

To create the dispenser for your plastic bags, clean out and dry an old cleaning wipe dispenser.

Take your plastic bags and lay them flat, pushing out any air inside of the bag. Make sure the handles of the bag are on the top side of the fold.

Fold the handles of the bag at a 90 degree angle, away from the body of the bag. Starting at the handles of the plastic bag start to roll your plastic bag toward the bottom of the bag.

When is filled, pull the first bags handle out of the dispenser. As an optional step decorate the dispenser with craft paper.

5. Storage

You can store basically anything in a Lysol container. From your old cleaning toothbrushes, hair accessories, or pens and pencils. They make an excellent small storage place for everything, there is no sense going out and buying a new jar or container when you have a free one at home. If you don't like the look of it, decorating it is as easy as wrapping a colored piece of paper, or scrap booking paper around it.

6. Toilet bowl brush holder

A Lysol wipes container happens to be the perfect size to be a toilet brush holder. This saves you having to go out and buy a new one, and it does the job perfectly.

7.  Car garbage

Our car always seems to get cluttered with napkins, wrappers, and just about everything else. A large Lysol container is the perfect size for a in-car garbage. It will fit a plastic bag in it to act as a garbage bag and will hold all your small garbage that usually clutters the car.

Lysol and Lysol containers have so many uses that we probably don't ever think of or use. Try these Lysol hacks for an easier and cleaner life. If you're running low on Lysol wipes, Amazon will deliver them right to your door.