Maine Seeks To Ban Food Stamps For These Popular Items

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Maine Seeks To Ban Food Stamps For These Popular Items

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services has made a motion that would put restrictions on what families who use food stamps can buy.

Mary Mayhew, the Maine DHHS Commissioner, submitted a letter to the federal government asking to prohibit welfare recipients from purchasing sugary soft drinks and candy products.

"Numerous studies confirm that as much as two-thirds of Maine's adults population is overweight or obese," Mayhew wrote. "This impacts the quality of life for Maine residents, and the chronic health conditions associated with obesity are costly to Maine taxpayers."

More than 180,000 Maine residents are enrolled in SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program,) giving Maine one of the highest percentages of state population receiving food stamps.

Mayhew's argument that allowing food stamps to purchase 'junk food' has already been turned down once in 2015. Administration at the time never granted the ruling out of fear it would result in recipients losing their assistance.

Democratic state Rep. Drew Gattine stated, "There's no evidence that these types of efforts, this type of ban, on purchasing certain types of foods has any impact on the way that people eat."

Do you agree with Mary Mayhew's request to restrict SNAP members from purchasing sugary drinks and candy products? Let us know!

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