Making the Most Of Your Home Renovation Project

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Making the Most Of Your Home Renovation Project

If you're thinking of doing a renovation to your home, it's good to make the most out of it so it counts in overall usability and gives you a great return on interest. Have a look at these five tips to get some good ideas of how you can do this.

Add Plenty of Storage to Your Kids' Bathroom

Extra storage in your home is always going to find good use, and so if you're renovating the bathrooms, don't neglect to add storage. There are plenty of things that need to be stored in a bathroom, more so your kids'. This ranges from first aid kits to towels, lotions, and shampoos. They may even need special storage for oral health items like cleaning solutions and special flossers for braces. This would be practical in all the bathrooms because four in five people undergoing orthodontic treatment are younger than age 18.

Set Up a Desk Space Under the Stairs

With more people than ever working and studying from home, it's a great idea to have extra desk space. You could make use of the space under the stairs, an area that is often ignored. This is one renovation that won't even take a lot of extra hardware and material depending on the current state of this space. The most important thing will be to find the right size of furniture that will fit here, as well as some decorations to improve the aesthetics, and you're done!

Honor a Family Member By Making a Tribute Wall

If you have a family member whom you would like to pay tribute to, you can do this by making a tribute wall in their honor. With 3,473 Medals of Honor having been awarded to service members to date across all branches, there's a good chance the Navy veteran in your family has one you can add to their tribute wall. Look online to find ideas of how you can organize and decorate the wall, as there are many. From this, you will be well-placed to come up with something personal and authentic for your family.

Create a Breakfast Nook in the Kitchen

A breakfast nook in the kitchen will enable you to have meals together if you aren't already doing so. For your next renovation, create one that's the right size for the number of people in your household. It will be a great place to chat with your children when they get home from school to find out how their day was or while you're helping them with their homework. It will be an easy, no-fuss spot where a lot of family bonding can take place.

Add a Fireplace to the Living Room

In the middle of cold seasons, there's a magic that's hard to ignore that's experienced when the family sits in front of the fireplace. If you don't have a fireplace in your living room, consider adding one during your next renovation. For this, you will be better off involving a professional due to the technical nature of a successful fireplace. With 55% of homeowners planning to start or continue home renovation projects this winter, you should be inspired by the pending cold to get a fireplace.

Successful home renovations are a mixture of skill, creativity, and good planning. From the moment you decide to do a home renovation, you should plan for it in order to get the best results and so you stick to your budget.

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