Making Your Business More Efficient

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Making Your Business More Efficient

Think of your business as a train: it is always on the go with you as the driver, your team as the conductors, and your clients and customers are your passengers. Your train needs the attention and care like that of a newborn, and like taking care of a newborn, it can get tiring very fast when there is no one to help share the responsibilities. Opportunely, there are ways to drive this train a lot more smoothly and efficiently. Here's how.

By lifting a box that weighs 10 kilograms, your spine is withstanding a force that is 10 times stronger. Although, if 10 kilograms were to be divided between at least 5 people, the weight that each person will have to carry is significantly less. This concept is true when practiced in business. You need to delegate duties and have your train conductors help carry their 2 kilograms. Give your employees tasks that complement their strengths and weaknesses, allow them to lessen your load. As a result, time will be used more effectively with more work being completed

There, you have taken the first step to making your business more efficient.

Next Is Automation

We live in a world where almost everything has been automated; from ordering food online, e-learning, and even driving! A 2019 study showed that in Singapore, there were, per every 10,000 employees, 918 units of robots. Do not hesitate from introducing machinery or automated software into your business. You do not have to have automated lights and robots that make and fetch your morning coffee, but having auto-generated emails, for example, will decrease the time you and your employees have to draft and eventually send emails. Or instead of manually punching in cards and writing time stamps, the company could have biometric systems to identify an individual when they have arrived. This will allow you and the team to invest time in more significant tasks

Multitasking may seem beneficial at the time, but it has been scientifically proven that you are better off focusing on one task at a time. By tackling a single task, all your attention will be in one direction and the result will be better off than when tackling five different tasks at once. To have a more efficient workflow, delegate specific roles. So, for example, a few employees will be sorting out mail, while another team is taking care of the front desk, and another team will be delivering orders to customers. All the teams will be at different booths, but working at the same time to save time – plus, it creates order within the business.

Whether your business is small, medium in size, or big, be sure to have a culture that embraces change. Change in technology, social factors, and environmental changes will sometimes force your hand and have you adapt to a new way of thinking and operating. When you as the owner can show that you can easily adapt to your subordinates, they too will not hesitate to be innovative and work with whatever tools they have in order to rise above the challenge of change.

Data Storage and Security

This must be taken to the next level by using accounting software that helps safely keep track of the financials of the business and its customers. Instead of printing and handing out flyers when looking to hire, you can simply outsource agencies to look for suitable candidates for you or have delivery companies take care of your orders.

It may seem monotonous, but consistency is key. Be creative, think outside the box, work with your conductors and hear where they think the train should go next. Delegate, make the most of what you have, and stay focused when embracing change. Trust your team, together you will reach your destination. All aboard!

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