Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders Will Make History At The Super Bowl

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Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders Will Make History At The Super Bowl

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For as long as we can all remember, when it comes to the Super Bowl, men take the field to play the game and the women stay on the sidelines to cheer them on.

However, the 53rd Super Bowl, which is set to take place in Atlanta, Georgia on February 3, will see a bit of a bridge in that divide.

For the first time ever in the history of the Super Bowl, male cheerleaders will dance alongside their female counterparts during the big game.

Quinton Peron and Naploean Jinnies will be cheering for the Los Angeles Rams as they take on the New England Patriots in the quest for the coveted Vince Lombardi trophy.

The pair have already made their mark in history when they became the league's first male cheerleaders after joining the Rams squad in March, but now they finally get to shine in front of millions of people.

"It's like a fairy tale," Peron said during his most recent Good Morning America appearance.

For Peron, being part of the squad isn't just about getting his name in the headlines.

He has always had a passion for dance and performing, and even choreographed routines for some of the girls who cheered for teams in the NFL and NBA.

"I was at (an L.A.) Lakers game (right before making the team) and I was watching the Laker Girls," Peron told Good Morning America last year. "And I was asking myself, 'Why can't I be down there?' I've choreographed for girls who dance on pro teams, I've danced with girls on various pro teams. I just thought, 'why not me?'"

While a few NFL teams, including the Baltimore Ravens and the Indianapolis Colts, have had co-ed cheering teams, the men were considered stuntment and they did not perform the same routines as their female squad mates.

Peron and Jinnies, who are both classically trained dancers, are now inspiring other men to try out for professional cheerleading teams.

25-year-old Jesse Hernandez followed in their footsteps and successfully tried out for the New Orleans Saints' Saintsations team.

Congratulations to Peron and Jinnies for breaking barriers and inspiring people to follow their dreams!

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