Man Accidentally Pepper Sprays Entire Movie Theater While Trying To Open His Beer

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Man Accidentally Pepper Sprays Entire Movie Theater While Trying To Open His Beer

One man officially owes everyone a round of beer and probably a movie ticket after he pepper-sprayed the entire theater while trying to open his drink.

In case you hadn't heard, there are now movie theaters that offer alcohol (and real food!) during your feature film. It's a far cry from when it was just cheap popcorn and uncomfortable chairs, that's for sure!

But I would take an uncomfortable chair if it meant that I didn't have to risk being pepper-sprayed before my movie even begins! More than 200 moviegoers in Germany were left in tears, and it had nothing to do with what movie they went to see.

According to the theater's manager, a 29-year-old man was at a theater in Germany when he decided he wanted to crack open a beer. Instead of using a bottle opener, his teeth, or literally any other object that could open the bottle, the man decided to use his canister of pepper spray.

According to manager, the canister broke during the attempt and "chaos" ensued. The entire theater was filled with pepper spray. All the moviegoers were forced to leave the theater and the staff opened as many windows as they could to ease the struggle. All patrons were offered beverages to try and combat the pepper spray.

According to police, none of the moviegoers have complained about breathing or vision problems since the event. The movie was restarted 30 minutes after the incident.

In Germany, pepper spray is sold to anyone over the age of 18 as a way to defend themselves against animals. It's also used by women or other vulnerable people as a way to defend themselves, even though this use is technically illegal. It's unclear whether or not the man who caused the chaos will face any charges for his actions.

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