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Man Annoys Lion On Safari, Gets An Instant Dose Of Karma

The King of the Jungle doesn't need to take anyone's crap - remember that if you're ever on safari.

In The Jungle

A lion at the Gir Forest National Park in India was being tailed by a man in a car one morning, when he finally decided he'd had enough.

The lion turns around giving his best "what do you want" face as the man inside the car films with his window rolled down.

The man quickly found out why the lion has such a fearsome reputation.

His reaction once his window is rolled up is priceless; safe to say he learned a lesson!

Watch it unfold here

On Safari

The Gir National Forest has daily safaris and is a hot spot for tourists. They advertise jeep safaris that bring you as close to Asiatic lions as possible, and they certainly delivered on this one.

If you're looking to see a lion up close and personal you could go on a safari for less than $200, of course you'd need to get to India first.

Just a tip though, maybe don't bother the lions.

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