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Blind And Deaf Cat Went Missing, But Her Reunion With Her Owner Will Leave You In Tears

After traveling across the country together, Raymond McNamara and his 20-year-old cat had a special bond that couldn't be broken.

While on the road, his beloved cat wandered off alone in Florida, and was no where to be found.

Raymond did everything he could to try and find his feline friend. He organized search parties, contacted animal control and even reached out to the police, but no one was able to find her.

“Animal control and the police department were looking for her when she was first lost. He stirred up a lot of attention because he was frantic,” Bieniek told ABC News.

Shelters and rescues even pitched in a hand to look for the cat.

Lily, was both blind and deaf so finding her proved to be very challenging.

“Two months later I got a message on Facebook that a lady had found a cat at the construction site where she was lost. We pieced it together…that was definitely his cat,” said Kathy Bieniek, from Saving Sage Animal Rescue.

“She was laying where the electrical cord is,” said one rescue group volunteer.

The shelter staff took in the aged cat, gave her the medical attention she needed from being out in the heat and rain, alone and hungry.

“She was very dehydrated and very sick,” said Daniel Rayment, the hospital’s veterinary practice manager. “She had some liver issues. We hospitalized her, put her on IV fluids.”

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They kept her safe until the California man was able to make his way back to Florida to claim his family pet.

Choking back tears, Raymond was eager to get his furry friend back in his arms. And the feeling seemed to be mutual. Lily definitely remembered her human dad and was glad to be back with him again.

“She’s never going to get away from me again,” said Raymond.

“He broke down in tears and is never going to let her out of his sight again. She is his world,” said Bieniek. “He’s got her. He’s excited.”