Man Dies of Hypothermia After Sleeping With Too Many Fans On

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Man Dies of Hypothermia After Sleeping With Too Many Fans On

If you're like me and prefer sleeping in a cold environment over a hot one, or even if you really like white noise in your room while you sleep, chances are you sleep with a fan pointed at you, usually on full blast.


It's a pretty common technique for improving your sleep: thousands of people around the world swear by the practice, and insist that it helps them sleep. Various medical tests have even determined that people tend to sleep better in lower temperatures (likely because they can cover themselves up if they're not adequately warm, as opposed to trying to cool off in a hotter temperature).


However, it seems a man in Thailand might have actually taken this practice to its complete, unsafe extreme, as he ended up dying of hypothermia after going to bed with three fans pointed at himself.

Sobthawee Boonkua, a 44-year-old man who was staying at a relative's place in Chaiyaphum, was discovered dead on the morning of Nov. 4th, 2017. Boonkua had been there to take care of his ailing 86-year-old mother, and was in perfectly fine health when he went to bed the previous night.

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An examination of the body revealed that Boonkua had died of hypothermia, and that the man had gone to sleep the previous night with three fans pointed at him, turned to full blast.

While this is understandable given that Chaiyaphum is quite hot during the day, it seems that Boonkua had not been told by anybody that the area goes through some pretty dramatic temperature shifts throughout the day; at night the temperatures could go well below freezing.


As a result of the sudden drop in temperature, his body was unable to handle it, and went into shock, resulting in his death. His family will soon collect his body for religious rites, and authorities are warning others to be careful about how they choose to go to sleep.

What do you think about this incident? Has it made you change your mind about whether or not you sleep with a fan on?