Man Runs Out On His Girlfriend After Winning The Lottery, Courts Say Not So Fast

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What would you do if tomorrow you found out that you had won millions of dollars through the lottery? One man from Ontario, Canada decided that he would lie to his longtime common-law partner, pack up his belongings while she wasn't home, and then attempt to disappear with the winnings.

Toronto Star

Maurice Thibeault and Denise Robertson had been living together as common-law partners for several years. They would buy a lottery ticket each week, alternating who would actually go to the store and pay for it.

When the announcement was made that the winning ticket had been sold in their city, Richardson asked Thibeault if they had won. He knew that they had in fact won, but he lied right to her face in order to greedily keep all the money for himself.

It wasn't until a few days later that Richardson realized that she had been screwed. She came home and found that Thibeault had packed up all of his stuff and left without any warning. She started calling around and found out through some of his friends that he had quit his job because he had won the lottery.


Richardson immediately called a lawyer to try and stop him from cashing out on the $6 million payday.

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