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When Is It Okay To Date Again After The Death Of A Spouse?

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When your significant other passes away, is there an appropriate time to start dating again?

For 32-year-old widower Jake Coates, it only took eight months for him to find love again.

Jake lost his beloved wife Emmy to thyroid cancer last June, but shared on social media he's now in a relationship with his girlfriend, Jenna Elsby.

While plenty of Instagram users wrote their support for Jake's newfound relationship, others believe it's too soon for him for him to be dating again.

Jake and Emmy at their wedding
Daily Mirror

One of these people is Emmy's sister, Sophie Collet, who said her late sister would be devastated.

"Not only am I at a loss for words at the insensitivity of it, but I also am trying to maintain some dignity for Emmy, us as her family and her friends and all those whose lives she touched," Sophie wrote.

"I can assure you this would break her heart and leave her devastated as it has so many of us," she continued, adding people should be considerate in regards to flaunting a new relationship.  

The couple made headlines last year after they raised £140,000 ($195,000 US) for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

From personal experience, I know this isn't the first time a new relationship has sparked controversy on whether it's too soon to find love again.

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