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Man Reunited With Long-Lost Daughter After 39 Year Search

Wave 3 News

After a 39 year search, a man from Madison, Indiana has finally been reunited with his long-lost daughter.

Jerry Miller had been searching for his biological daughter for nearly four decades before he went on social media to share his story.

According to Wave 3 News, Miller only met his oldest daughter for 40 minutes in 1978 before he suffered a brain aneurysm and needed emergency surgery.

"She still was a tiny thing, laying in my arms, I remember," Miller said, holding up his arms like he was holding a baby. "Beautiful baby."

Doctors told Miller that after his operation there was a high risk of him either being "dead, put in a vegetative state, or forced to relearn how to use his entire left side of his body," making him incapable of caring for a baby.

He said his 17-year-old wife was told she was was too young to parent her newborn daughter, and was persuaded to put their child up for adoption, and the records were sealed.

"They said I signed papers which I never knew that I did," Miller said.

But those papers didn't stop Miller from searching for her.

Eventually, Miller fully recovered from the brain aneurysm and got remarried, to his current wife, Brenda. She said her husband's quest to find his long-lost daughter has left him heartbroken.

"Gosh, how much more can I stand seeing him like this?" Brenda said of her husband's plight.

Finally, after numerous failed search attempts through private investigators, and sealed adoption records, Miller decided to publicly reach out to his first born on Facebook.

"Maybe that's why I'm so emotional," he said. "If she doesn't see it, I'll probably go to my grave regretting it."

Miller said he's been filled with worry for the past 39 years, unsure if she had been given a loving and stable home life.

"Wondering if she's dead or alive," Miller said. "If somebody is taking care of her the right way."

Miraculously, Miller announced on Jan. 14 he has finally found his daughter, and thanked social media users for all their help.

"I would like to thank everyone for sharing my daughter's post and praying for me. Thanks to the news stations for covering my story," Miller wrote. "Most of all, I'm thankful that God used this to help me locate my daughter. I want to encourage everyone to have hope in God and His timing. Thank you all again for your support and prayers.

I would like to thank everyone for sharing my daughter's post and praying for me. Thanks to the news stations for...

Posted by Jerry Miller on Sunday, January 14, 2018

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