103-year-old Man Reveals His Secret To Longevity, And It's Probably The Easiest "Secret" To Follow

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103-year-old Man Reveals His Secret To Longevity, And It's Probably The Easiest "Secret" To Follow

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The elixir of immortality has yet to be discovered, but for now we have some of the oldest men and women in the world revealing their secrets to staying healthy longer.  

A man from Devon, England recently celebrated his 103rd birthday, and also revealed his secret for living a long and healthy life.  

The world's oldest man, Francisco Nunez Olivera from Spain, recently celebrated his 113th birthday a few days ago, and shared his two secrets for longevity.

He said he owes his life to a diet of home-grown vegetables and a daily glass of red wine.

"I know I'm old but I don't feel old," Olivera said.

Frederick Vinecombe, the man who was born the same year World War One broke out, said there's also two things that have kept him alive all these years, but they're much more surprising than Olivera's.

His daughter said Vincecombe is not on any medication, has all of his own teeth and has never gone to a hospital for a illness.

So what's his secret?

Vinecombe said his first secret for living so long is attributed to keeping out of trouble and working hard.

"I kept out of trouble. I was doing a [tax] collection job, I worked until I was 80, I used to go up and down on them [Devonport tower blocks]," he said.

"We always had green stuff, the food was really good, nothing half cooked. She [his wife] didn't seem to fry much, we had a good roast Sundays, and Monday we had a nice dinner."

That being said, Vinecombe's attempt to stay away from trouble didn't always go as planned. Duty called and he became a flight captain during World War Two, and in that time he was shot down over France and spent the rest of the conflict as a prisoner of war.

After the war, he spent time working at a clothing club until he got a job he loved, which was collecting money for a finance company.

There was also one more "secret" the veteran stands by for helping him live so long: never dropping a stir fry.  

"I used to shake food about in the frying pan without any fat on it, it was like a Chinese meal, I used to toss it up in the air and these two [Denise and Keith] were kiddies then. They were saying "˜go on dad, do it again, do it again', and she [his wife] said to me "˜if you miss that meal and it falls on the floor I'll hit you on the head with the frying pan'," he recalled.

"Didn't they laugh, they wanted to see me miss it, trying to get me into trouble," Vinecombe added. "I would have never reached this age if I had missed it."

So hard work and good laughs? I think that can be done!

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