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He Offered His Belongings For Someone To Kill Him. Instead, People Chose To Save Him.

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As much as we hate to admit it, suicide is a regular occurrence in our society, and oftentimes it's hard to even know what to do about it.

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Studies show that nearly 90% of people with suicidal thoughts suffer from some form of mental illness, be it as treatable as anxiety or clinical depression, or something more serious such as bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder or even post-traumatic stress disorder.

While not all of them end up acting on it, it's an unfortunate phenomenon that will only continue as long as we don't offer up aid to those who are suffering.


Science and medicine have fortunately come a long way in treating conditions like this, and there are plenty of both medical and psychological solutions to these conditions, such as taking medication or going to counseling.

Unfortunately, it can often be difficult for people suffering from these conditions to seek help, as they may either feel like they don't deserve it, or it may be too expensive for them to afford, or they might not even truly realize that what they're feeling isn't normal.


It's times like this that people suffering can often use a helping hand, and in the case of one man from Australia, things had really reached a critical point: he was literally advertising for someone to kill him.

According to, the man, who has chosen to remain nameless, took to a Facebook page called "˜Gold Coast buy, sell and swap with easy rules', with a simple yet shocking request:

"I will pay someone with everything I own for one favour ... anyone interested?" he wrote.

He went on to list his valuables which included a "$300 + TV Xbox One, 360, PlayStation 2, about 100 games, 60 DVDs (and) 2 laptops".

"All that if one person grants my request,

Not a joke, the favour is simple ... Kill me."


Naturally, people were caught off guard by the request, and soon the man found his post being flooded with comments of support and concern.

"What good are your belongings when you're in jail charged with murder? I'd rather get you some help," Facebook user Daisy Chain wrote.

"Message me anytime you want to vent," Karen Holmes wrote.

"There's plenty out there to live for," Nick Lucas posted.

The man responded: "I've tried ... but I'm over it ... I want to be at peace. I've been in this same spot for 5 years ... I want the suffering to end ... I want to go to the next world."


Eventually, the police and medical services were called to an area matching the listing location, but refused to comment. Some time later, a woman claiming to be the man's mother wrote a public message to the Facebook group that helped her son.

"I want to apologise," she said. "I know this has upset people and possibly triggered others. The messages of support are overwhelming."

She said her son was "really taken aback by everyone's kind words and encouragement. One guy even drove down from Yatala (about 50kms away) ... we are in Burleigh."


"Anyway, QPS & QAS have been, and he has voluntarily gone with them to Robina hospital. (He) is diagnosed (with a condition) and medicated with a big team behind him. Please I would like your members to know how grateful I am to them and that he is OK and being looked after."


These people's kind words should speak to the power of being compassionate towards other people. Never hesitate to reach out to somebody you think might be struggling.