Man Urges Everyone To Wear Flip Flops After Suffering Second-Degree Burns

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Man Urges Everyone To Wear Flip Flops After Suffering Second-Degree Burns


Temperatures are rising so fast that your body doesn't have enough time to adapt to the changes.

In Phoenix, Arizona right now, it's hot enough to make scrambled eggs on a concrete pavement during mid-day.

If cooking eggs on the ground was sanitary, I would definitely do it to save on energy costs.

On a hot day, there are a lot of places you'd expect to be scorching. For example, the metal part of your seat belt or a railing.

But there are some places that take you by surprise.

10 Seconds Of Hell

Joe Maffia from Virginia went to Croatan Beach expecting a nice day under the sun, but landed in the doctor's office the next day.

It took less than 10 seconds for his summer nightmare to begin.

Wavy / Barefoot Running

When Joe was making his way to the beach from the parking lot, he stepped on the deck barefoot.

That's when his feet felt like they were on fire

"I stepped on, I took a couple of steps and said, "˜Golly, that's hot!' and then just kind of jogged the rest of the way until I got to the shower and cooled my foot down," he told Wavy.

Joe soaked his feet in the ocean waiting for the pain to subside, but to no avail.

"I've never felt anything that hot."

He went to see his doctor the next day, who revealed that Joe had second-degree burns.

Hot sand is one thing, but not many people would expect decks to be scorching too.

Joe moved from upstate New York to Virginia Beach four years ago, so he didn't expect summers to be this hot.

Locals who heard about his story aren't surprised at all.

"It's an awesome beach day, but you have to come prepared with your flops," Heather Thomas, a local, said.

Moving Forward

Maffia is hoping that signs be posted warning beachgoers of the dangers of taking off their shoes.

But a spokesman for Virginia Beach Public Works said a sign may not be necessarily because he hasn't heard a lot of complaints.

"It's never been brought to our attention as an ongoing problem," Drew Lankford said. "It's something most people know "“ to have your feet in some kind of shoe. We have not gotten enough reports of the problem to justify new signs. It's a common sense thing."

That being said, Wavy's team went to visit the beach and noticed a woman running barefoot on the deck.

Seconds later, she was using the water fountain to cool down her feet.

This sounds like an ongoing issue to me.

Here's What You Should Do

If you're ever in Joe's shoes, the first thing you should do is run cool, not cold, water on your burned skin for about 20 minutes.

If your skin starts changing color, see a doctor immediately. There's only so much that lifeguards can do in a situation like this.

"I just want to say, "˜Man, if this could happen to me, can you imagine children or if you bring your pet on here to go to the ocean,'" Joe said.

The more people know about the dangers of taking off their shoes when outside during the summer, even at the beach, the safer we're all going to be.

Share Joe's story to spread awareness!

[Source: Wavy]

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