Florida Man Claims He Is William Shatner's Long-Lost Son

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Florida Man Claims He Is William Shatner's Love Child


It's a problem that has been going on for 30 years, and now, Peter Sloan just upped the ante to get William Shatner to acknowledge that he is his father.

Even though the Star Trek actor has on several occasions vehemently denied any link to Sloan, the Florida-based radio DJ, has recently filed a petition with the Pinellas County court to have his name legally changed to "Peter Shatner."

Sloan, 62, calls the name change his "birth right," and even though Shatner, 87, has threatened to take legal action against him if he goes through with it, he won't stop.

"They are trying to scare me," said Sloan, addressing the cease-and-desist notice he received from Shatner's attorney. "It won't work."

This is just Sloan's latest attempt to get Shatner to say the words "I am your father."

William Shatner and Peter Sloan
Peter Sloan/Twitter

In 2016, he filed a lawsuit against the Canadian actor to get him to take a paternity test, and pay $170 million in damages for defamation, libel, and slander.

Sloan, who was representing himself, claimed that Shatner's social media director Paul Camuso posted "malicious, libelous and slanderous statements about the plaintiff on Facebook and Twitter," and allegedly accused him of being a "big con game for fame."

"There has been a pattern of behavior that makes me look like I am lying, and I won't stand for that anymore," Sloan said at the time. "I am tired of being called a fraud by his people and him."

Much to Sloan's dismay, the lawsuit was dismissed by the court in 2018.

So what makes Sloan so sure that Shatner is his biological father?

According to the Tampa resident, his late mother, actress Kathy Burt, and Shatner had a one-night stand while filming The Canadian Howdy Doody Show in Toronto in the 1950s.

After his birth on December 9, 1956, he was given up for adoption in New York, and would not see his birth mother for another 28 years.

When they finally met again in 1984, Sloan alleges that Burt told him about the possibility of Shatner being his biological father. It was either him or a Montreal law student she only remembered as "Chick."

Kathy Burt and William Shatner in 'Forever Galatea' Shatner Web

Sloan has since been trying to connect with Shatner, and according to TMZ, he claimed that the T.J. Hooker star admitted to being his father in 1984 on the set of the show. The meeting was supposedly set up by Sloan's adoptive father.

The pair met again in 2011, after Sloan paid to get a photo with Shatner at an Orlando comic convention, and that would be the last time they spoke.

Peter Shatner poses with William Shatner at a comic convention in OrlandoPeter Shatner

Now, Sloan says he wants to move on, but not before claiming Shatner's name.

"I have every intention of taking the name from him," Sloan said. "He owes that to me. It is my birth rite. Let him sue me."

Shatner has three daughters, Leslie, Lisabeth and Melanie, from his first marriage to Canadian actress Gloria Rand.

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