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Man With One Leg Comes To The Rescue Of Car Crash Victims


"He jumped out of his wheelchair and climbed into the car after we busted out the windows."

This was the statement that Angel Newman gave to the media after he was involved with helping victims of a violent car crash. Except he wasn't talking about himself, he was referring to a random stranger, who despite a severe physical disability, didn't even think twice about coming to the aid of those in need.

Angel Newman was on his way into a gas station to pay for his gas when he heard the crash happen behind him, and he immediately set out to see if he could help, but he wasn't the only one. Newman managed to record some of the aftermath once people were pulled from the vehicle, and he had an amazing story to tell.


The man, who is never named, only has one leg and is confined to getting around using a wheelchair, but that didn't stop him from doing the right thing when disaster struck in front of him. There were three people caught in a vehicle that had flipped over in the middle of an intersection, and the man climbed in and helped extricate them, cutting through their seat belts to make it happen.

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Newman can be heard speaking behind his phone as he shoots a video after the crash, and he has nothing but praise for the mystery man. "This man right here is a hero," he said. "This accident just happened. Upside down car, three people stuck in it, this car too. This man jumped inside the truck, busted the windows. We were all here, but this man broke the windows. Thank God and thank this man."

"He had one leg and I was like, wow, this man, he went above and beyond to try to help these people. There were people standing right next to him that didn't even help. This guy, he put his life at risk and did what he had to do," said Newman.  

Newman says he has seen the man around a few times, and that he hopes he sees him again so that he can thank him for his actions that day.

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