Man Gets Back At Nosy Neighbor With Freaky Mannequin "Party" (Photos)

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Man Gets Back At Nosy Neighbor With Freaky Mannequin "Party" (Photos)

Wayne Freedman - Twitter

It's not unusual for neighbors to get a little upset with each other, and disputes about fences are one of the most common reasons for homeowners to feud.

But fueling the bad blood with a nude mannequin "party" is definitely creative, and a Santa Rosa, California man deserves credit for dreaming up the bizarre idea.

Mannequin Party
Windus set up the mannequins to protest losing his fence.Wayne Freedman - Facebook

Jason Windus says he set up the quirky outdoor scene after a neighbor complained that his backyard fence was too high.

Instead of getting a visit from his neighbor to find a solution, Windus says he was cited for a bylaw violation because his 6-foot fence was "blocking" a street corner and obstructing visibility.

If Windus refused to lower his fence, he was warned it would earn him a daily fine.

"It's very serious," he told ABC 6 about the warning. "They made me freak out."

Jason Windus
Windus says his neighbors love the quirky display.Wayne Freedman - Facebook

Windus cut his fence down to a measly 3-feet high as ordered, but then arranged a group of mannequins to lounge in the buff on his patio furniture. He says his creepy party guests are showing his nosy neighbor exactly why you build a 6-foot fence in the first place.

"They wanted me to tear down my fence to see inside my yard," he explained. "And now they get to."

The homeowner explained that he originally held on to the mannequins for target practice, before he was inspired to set up his garden party.

Windus even has an "invitation" to the party on display for the neighbor who complained about his fence.

Reserved sign
Windus says losing his fence is bad for his large dogs, who can no longer play outside.Wayne Freedman - Facebook

He also says that his neighbors have supported him and the dummies - at least, everyone but the neighbor who complained in the first place.

While the homeowner is getting his revenge, he says he's not happy with the new, shorter fence, because it won't keep his two large dogs in his yard and now they're cooped up indoors.

Mannequin head
Windus recycled some target practice mannequins for his creative revenge.Wayne Freedman - Facebook

He hopes that staring at the mannequins day in and day out will inspire his neighbor to reconsider his complaint.

"I'm waiting," Windus said. "If they didn't like the fence, how do they like this?"

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What do you think of Windus' revenge? Should he be allowed to put his fence back up?

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