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People Are Having An Impossible Time Finding The Face In These Coffee Beans


Fun brainteasers are always circulating around the internet, stumping people around the world.

These puzzles stimulate your brain and improve cognitive function without you having to take medication or eat a certain food.

All you have to do is put your brain to the test to reap the benefits!

One of my favorite puzzles is called "Man in the Coffee Beans."

What I love about this brainteaser is that it's so simple! The man's head is so obvious, and yet many people are having trouble spotting it. There is a rumor that the beans in the image are actually espresso and not coffee. There isn't really any way to know for sure since espresso beans are simply coffee beans that have been roasted more, and arguably taste better.

Some people spend minutes staring at this image unable to find the man's head, and others find it in less than 30 seconds.

But once you see it, you can't unsee it!

Take a close look at the image below. Don't forget to time yourself!

(If you find this one easy, scroll to see a much harder visual brainteaser!)

Did you find the man's head in the coffee beans?

Here's a hint: Focus on the lower half of the image.

Still having trouble? Here's the answer below:

Simple, right? Don't feel bad that you didn't get it in less than 30 seconds, most people can't spot the man's head.

The head just seems to perfectly blend in the background, which is why this image is such a great visual brainteaser!

If you thought that one was easy, are you ready for one more? I promise, this one's hard.

Can you spot the snake in this picture below?

I could spend hours looking at this image and never spot the snake!

But that's just me, how long did it take you to spot the creature?

Here's a hint if you're having trouble: Look in the middle of the image.

Still having trouble? Here's the answer below!

Closely focus on the circled part of image above and you'll be able to spot the slithering snake.

It wasn't so easy, right? Let us know how long it took you to figure out the answers for both of these brainteasers!

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