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Marathoner Recreates Forrest Gump's Cross-Country Run, And He's About To Beat Forrest's Record

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Growing up, Forrest Gump was one of my most favorite movies.

Part of the film's charm was that Forrest was a... unique character.

Seeing the way he reacted to everything around him made the movie so fun.

Despite all of the places he went and things he saw, most people would not want to be Forrest, or step in his shoes.

But Rob Pope is the exception that proves the rule.

He Just Started Running

Rob Pope, dressed as Forrest / Instagram

One day in 2016, for no particular reason, this marathon runner from Liverpool, England just started running across America.

Well, that's not exactly true.

Pope had read an article examining if Forrest Gump's famous cross-country run was possible, and how long it would take.

He finally set out to prove it could be done two years ago, and has been running pretty much non-stop ever since.

"I think of myself as a scientist doing an experiment," Pope told Inside Edition.

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Las Vegas Review-Journal / Paramount Pictures

Pope has kept in character for most of his run, dressing up like Forrest and sporting his signature  bushy beard from the running scene.

He also avoided doing any special training before the run - although he was a internationally competitive marathon runner anyways.

Pope has matched the locations Forrest visited too: taking off from Mobile, Alabama, running to the Santa Monica Pier, and heading back for the East Coast.

But unlike Forrest, Pope has a special reason for his cross-country journey.

And the professional runner put Gump's record to shame.

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