Marilyn Manson Crushed By Falling Stage Prop As Fans Watch In Horror

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Marilyn Manson Crushed By Falling Stage Prop As Fans Watch In Horror
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Marilyn Manson the ageless shock-rocker who loves to stir up controversy through his lyrics, appearance, music videos, and on stage performances was recently injured during a New York City show.

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He was performing his extremely popular song Sweet Dreams when he attempted to climb an onstage prop made to look like a pair of hand guns.

Something went very wrong and the prop pitched forward under Manson's weight, coming crashing down on top of the performers body. Video shot by concert goers quickly began circulating the internet.

Manson spares no expenses when he is on stage. Having seen him in concert personally I can unequivocally tell you that he is more than willing to take risks for the sake of showmanship. But this time it appears that either he went off script or someone from the stage crew screwed up and will be looking for new work shortly. Check out the video yourself.  

At this point no statement has been made in regards to the extent of Manson's injuries, though one representative did say that he should be fine after recuperating. Manson is expected to be convalescing for the next two weeks and has cancelled tour dates in Boston, Huntington, Toronto, Camden, Columbus, Chicago, Milwaukee, Kansas City, and Houston.


Have no fear though, he plans to make up those tour dates in the future. He will resume his current tour, Heaven Upside Down, on October 15, with a show in Grand Prairie, Texas.