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Marine's "Shady" Story About Rescuing A Dog From Afghanistan Is Totally Adorable

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Sergio Giacchetti

We tell ourselves that we would do anything for our pets, but Marine Sergeant Craig Grossi actually put his career and life on the line for his dog.

Craig Grossi

Grossi met Fred, a "goofy-looking" Afghan hound, when he was serving in a remote part of Afghanistan in 2010. For more than a week, Grossi and his team were fiercely attacked by the Taliban, but the Marine kept his eye on the stray dog until it was safe to approach him. When he did, he felt an intense connection.

“As I got closer to him, I could see he was covered in bugs, he was uncomfortable and his fur was matted,” Grossi said. “And as I got a little bit closer he started to wag his tail, and that really just froze me, because that is the last thing I thought he would do.”

Dave Moran

Grossi tempted the pooch out of his hiding spot with pieces of jerky, and quickly became determined to rescue him. But it wouldn't be easy. Grossi needed to sneak Fred onto his base (where he wasn't allowed in the first place), then find a way to send him home.

The first step in Grossi's "shady" plan to bring Fred home involved a leap of faith. The dog had to hide in a duffel bag during a helicopter ride back to the base. “I had a little conversation with Fred. I said ‘Look this is risky man, if you really want this, I just need you to follow me to the helicopter.’”

Dave Moran

Fred got in the bag, but that was just the start of his journey back home.

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