Mason Jar Lid Pumpkins Are A Cute Craft Idea for Fall

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Mason Jar Lid Pumpkins Are A Cute Craft Idea for Fall

Mason jar lid pumpkins are taking the crafting community by storm. It's easy to see why too, they really are just so cute. Not only that but it's also a great way to add a little fall to your home decor and it's perfect for recycling your used canning lids.

Canning lids and bands can be purchased separately from mason jars. Depending on the size (wide mouth or regular) they will cost you approximately $3-$7 for a box of 12. If you are familiar with canning you already know this because a lid can only be used once when canning food, but jars can be used over and over.

If you're like me and you love to can and craft, then this is the perfect way to make use of your bands and put them to good use this Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Now, I thought this craft looked absolutely adorable but I was having trouble getting them just right. Turns out I was  doing a couple of small things wrong and it was throwing off the whole project. Once I figured out what was needed to make this look how it should look, it came together in a flash and now looks so adorable sitting on my coffee table.

Here's what you will need and the directions. + I added some tips and tricks too!


  • 20 mason jar lid rings
  • 1 can of orange spray paint
  • orange yarn or string
  • 4-5 cinnamon sticks


  1. Paint your mason jar lids orange and let dry.
  2. Thread your string through all your lids. Make sure all the rings are facing the same direction. Pull the string as tight as possible and tie. Cut off any excess string.
  3. Once the string is tied all you need to do is gently separate the lids and make sure they're evenly spaced.
  4. Place 4-5 cinnamon sticks in the middle for your pumpkin stem, and you're done!

Tips & Tricks

  • Try using different sized lids to make different sizes of pumpkins.
  • Try different colors.
  • You can add washi tape to the bands for different looks.
  • You can add beads.
  • You should buy cinnamon sticks that are as long as possible (the first ones I got were very short)
  • make sure all your mason jar bands are facing the same direction. *This really is important to get this pumpkin to fan out nicely.*
🍁What is fall without pumpkins? 🍁writteninroses / Instagram

Watch my video below!

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